Tops Tips for Getting in Shape in Time for the Festive Season

Yes I know, it’s waayyyy to early to even think about let alone talk about Christmas, but the time is coming when people start to make moves to get in better shape for the parties and gatherings. The works do, seeing family and friends you haven’t seen for ages, the feeling of dread of putting on weight over those overindulgent few weeks is all good motivation for people to want to look a little bit better.

But how can such a thing be done and why the hell am I even bringing this up at the start of October? Well here’s my list of top tips as to how you can improve your appearance in time for the big events:

  1. Be in a calorie deficit to lose body fat – There are an infinite amount of ways in which you can do this: Cut out the junk, control portion sizes, go low carb etc but the single most important thing to think about when wanting to lose weight is to be consistently eating less calories than your body is using. When this happens our bodies use our body fat to make up for the energy it needs and that’s how we lose weight.
  2. Start sooner rather than later – The reason I’m brining this up now is it’s approximately 10 weeks until the 25th December and if you consider that realistically we should only lose 1, MAYBE a little bit more, pounds of body fat per week (Anymore and it’s either likely not body fat and could be water or muscle or the drop is too quick and you’re quite likely to put some or it all on again) then if you want to make a significant difference then you’re going to need all the time you can get.
  3. Don’t neglect the small things – Drinking more water, getting enough sleep, eating more fruits and vegetables all have a significant impact to how you feel which can have knock on effect to whether or not you’re able to keep in a calorie deficit.
  4. Lifting weights help you look better – Building a bit of muscle will massively help your overall look and will give you that ‘toned’ or ‘defined’ look.
  5. Think about your goal and find your motivation – Think about your end goal, make sure it’s realistic and think about why, deep down, you want to get there. That’ll give you to right motivation to start, then break that goal down into mini goals so you can keep going when motivation dips.

Read all of that and would like some help and guidance with getting in shape in time for Christmas? Email for details on Personal Training/Online Coaching!

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