Eat Ice Creams during this Hot Weather and still lose weight!

In true British fashion, we long for a bit of sun and pay extortionate amounts of money to fly around the world in search of it. However when it actually comes to us we whinge, moan and whine that it’s too hot. The air conditioning in the gym is broke at the moment so I too am whining like a mule!

All of this sun means that it’s the perfect time for an ice cream, but what surely we can’t have them while we’re hot on our beach body diets?! Well, you can, and here’s why.

I’ll have a Cornetto 

As with any discussion around weight loss and fat loss, the main concern we have to look at is overall calories. I’ve said it time and time again and will continue to say it – how we lose fat is by being in a calorie deficit and by that I mean eating less calories (Energy) than your body is using.

So, if your body is currently operating at 2000 calories per day (This can be worked out by using online calculators which take your age, height, weight, daily life, exercise etc), you have eaten 1300, it’s 8pm at night and you fancy an ice cream. A Strawberry Cornetto is 161 calories so you can have one and it won’t affect your overall fat loss progress as you will finish the day on 1461 which mean you are in a recommended deficit of just over 500 calories!



This principle can of course be applied to any food, but in this example we have seen how you can cool off and relax during this lovely heatwave with a nice cold ice cream and still end up looking in shape on the beach come your holiday.

Want help with your nutrition or losing some weight for your holiday? Email for nutrition support and online coaching!

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