Arm Yourself – Keys to Building Big Arms

Having big arms is something that a lot of men dream about (Amongst other things). They imagine that if they have big arms then everyone will admire them, try to touch them and thousands of women will yearn to cling to them. Will occasionally this may or may not actually happen, let’s not beat around the bush – having big arm is pretty good and looks really good.

So how do we go about building and growing a fine pair of tree tuck arms? Well here’s a few pointers how:

Curls for the Girls

While bicep curls are a very effective exercise and look good while your doing them, solely focusing on them won’t help things at all. It’s important to look at the arm as a whole if we want them to look as good as possible.

Performing curls with palms facing up (Supinated grip) works predominantly the biceps whereas when palms face inwards (Neutral grip) we work more muscles nearer the elbow/forearms as well as the bicep and when palms face down we work more muscles along the top of the forearm, near the elbow and, to a lesser extent, the biceps.

Same goes for triceps, working with different grips puts more focus on different heads of the tricep (There’s three of them, hence ‘tri’cep).

‘Tri’ to be Fair

One thing that I see all too often (And a mistake that I mace myself when I first started lifting) is people training their biceps a lot more than their biceps.

Sure, it looks cool and feels good to get a ‘sick bicep pump bro’, but the triceps make up a much larger proportion of the upper arm so by not giving them as much attention as biceps you are going to be missing out on a hell of a lot.


Being Indirect

The main basis of any strength and muscle building programme should be around the compound or multi-joint lifts and these movements actually work the muscles in your arms a lot more than you think!

Bench Press works the triceps and allows your to put more weight through them than you could ever dream of by doing dumbbell kickbacks. Pull Ups bring your biceps into play along with bent over rows etc. Any pressing movement means you are using your triceps and any pulling movement means you are using your bicep – in one way or another.

Skip Arm Day

To that end, if the biceps and triceps are being worked so much in other movements, do we still have to train them if we are doing a lot of Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Rows and variations (Which I hope you are if you want to build muscle)? Well, probably yes, but not nearly as much as you would think.

The typical system where you train each muscle group once a week to the brink of annihilation (Otherwise know as the bro split) is phasing out as training a muscle group 2-3 times a week has been shown to be far more beneficial. Therefore, if you are doing big compound movements multiple times a week theres a good chance that your arms are being hit 2-5 times a week anyway depending on your training split, so it would make the most sense to only include a few extra arm exercises around your main training, perhaps, but not exclusively, using the different grip variations we previously discussed to make sure that all bases are covered.


And there you have it, a quick few tips on building up those arms of yours to the point where you’ll be handing out tickets to the gun show left right and centre (pew pew pew).

Want more help with growing your arms? Email me on for information on Personal Training, Online Coaching and Programmes!



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