Why You Don’t Need Protein Shakes to Build Muscle

‘What protein do you take?’

‘When should I have my protein shake?’

‘I don’t want to take protein, I want to stay natural’

As you can probably imagine, being a Personal Trainer I here these common questions and sayings on a weekly basis. Protein shakes are an integrated cog in the big wheel that is the modern day fitness lifestyle. There’s thousands of brands out there all saying that by taking their product you will gain unimaginable amounts of muscle, achieve the physique of your dreams and men and/or women (Whichever you prefer) will flock towards you in their droves to date you.

That was sarcasm incase you couldn’t tell. While protein shakes CAN help with getting a good body, the truth is you don’t necessarily need them.

Blood, Sweat and Chicken Breasts

Protein shakes contain (mostly) one thing – Protein (Duh). The way they work is they add more protein into your diet, and can be a very convenient way of doing so as you can quickly chug it if you’re in a rush or you can add it to food to make things like protein pancakes.

That’s all they do. No magic tricks. They just give you more protein.

Now, I am a Personal Trainer, currently weighing at around 85kg (13 and a half stone), have abs and exercise everyday. How many protein shakes do you think I have a day?




I don’t have any. And in my whole life I’ve probably only had one whole tub and that was about 6 years ago.


Yup I don’t have any protein shakes, or any supplements at all for that matter. Our bodies only need a certain amount of protein and I just get all mine from food.

Now, this is just personal preference plus the fact I’m lactose intolerant so can’t have most brands because they’re made from cows milk, but my point is that while protein shakes CAN be a good way to get your protein up, it certainly isn’t the only way.

That’s all folks!

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