What Exercise Should I Do To Lose Weight?

As a Personal Trainer, you can imagine that I get asked this question and similar ones an awful lot – not that there’s anything wrong with that, if people didn’t I’d probably be out of a job!

What exercise you should do to lose weight, like all aspects of fitness, isn’t a question that has a straight forward answer unfortunately, but thankfully it isn’t all that complicated.

Run, Swim, Lift

For most gym goers your goal isn’t likely to be able to sprint the 100 metres in under 10 seconds or be so shredded that your abs have veins popping out of them (Yes, that does happen once people get down to very extreme levels of bodyfat after months and months of hardcore dieting). Your goal is more likely to be a bit fitter, lose a bit of belly fat, look a bit more defined (We don’t use to word toned her *shudders*), have a nice bum etc.

As a result your exercise selection, while still being specific to your goals, should really be based more around enjoyment and satisfaction rather than nit picking over which type of cardio is the best.


The reason being is the number one factor in why people don’t lose weight is that they give up. That’s it. Either they don’t bother exercising anymore, or they give up on eating better.

If you can find the type of exercise that you enjoy the most and get the most satisfaction out of then you are much more likely to stick to it, less likely to give up and more likely to lose weight!


So what exercise options are out there? The list is endless, but here is a quick selection you can try:

  • Gym Classes
  • Weight training and/or Cardio
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Team or Individual Sports
  • Circuits/Bootcamps
  • Martial Arts

Hope that helps you all, and if anyone ever has any questions about losing weight or wants to try Personal Training/Online Coaching please feel free to email us at iconicathletics1@gmail.com.

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