How to Exercise Properly at Home

Sometimes going to a gym, particularly for those new to exercising, can be a very intimidating experience. All those big scary machines that you have no idea how to work or what they do. All these people who are in really good shape and you feel like they’re judging you. I get it, it puts you outside of your comfort zone.

But does not wanting to go to a gym or liking them mean you can’t exercise properly to get in shape? Of course not!

Home Workouts

Back in the day (And sometimes even now), workout DVDs were all the range with everyone’s mom moving around in their living room to the voice of Davina McCall, so home workouts are nothing new. Here are a few tips to get a great home workout:

  1. Fullbody workouts are great to do at home as they suit the limited amount of equipment available
  2. Shorter bursts of more intense cardio is a good alternative to regular, slower cardio as it can be done with limited space
  3. Bodyweight exercises can be used to great effect to build muscle. Exercises like press ups, dips, single leg squats, glute bridges are all brilliant exercises that you’ll common see used in gyms
  4. Incorporate circuits to keep your heart rate up and get more done in a shorter amount of time
  5. Resistance bands can really step up your workouts and open up loads of new exercises


So there you go! Try using these quick tips into your home workout and watch this space as we will soon we revealing details of an exciting new home workout project we are working on!



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