Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

Losing weight is something that a large majority of the population have struggled with at some point in their life and if you’re ready this then there’s a good chance this applies to you.

But what is the reason why people struggle to lose weight? Well never fear, all your questions shall be answered.

Straight to the Point

There is one simple reason why you are not losing weight – You are eating too much.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, there are no tricks or mystic forces that are preventing your from slimming down, but the only reason you are not reaching your goal is you are eating too many calories. Allow me to explain.

diet-398612_960_720.jpgIn vs Out

Calories are our body’s energy source and they work in a very straight forward way with regards to gaining and losing weight:

  • If you eat MORE calories than your body is using then you will GAIN weight
  • If you eat LESS calories than your body is using then you will LOSE weight

Yes you can look at other more technical aspects such as hormone response to different foods, but the prevailing factor in weight loss and weight gain is calories in and calories out.

So What Do I Need To Do?

So we have covered the importance and reasoning behind calories in vs calories out, so now let’s look at how we can implement this into our daily lives in order to reach our weight loss goals:

  1. Keep a food diary or download MyFitnessPal from the App Store or similar location and keep a track of how many calories you are actually eating at the moment. This might actually help you lose weight right off the bat as you become a bit more aware of what you are putting into your body.
  2. Work out your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) – This is the amount of calories your body is using on a daily basis taking into account your height, weight, age and activity and exercise levels.
  3. Reduce your food intake to hit BELOW your current TDEE by 300-500 calories (This is a healthy amount to decrease calories by). The other option is the increase your activity levels (More cardio for example) so you won’t have to decrease your calories as much as your TDEE will be higher.
  4. Once you stop losing weight from that you either need to decrease calories or increase activity.


And there you have it, the basics of why you are not losing weight and how to do it!

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