The Best Workouts to Do Over the Christmas Season

Following on from the last blog post ‘How to Keep in Shape over Christmas’, let’s have a look at what workouts are best to do over the Christmas Season.

Bench Press and Mince Pies

The best workouts for you any time of the year really all depend on what you goals are, but how/does this change much during and in the lead up to the festive period? Well first we have to ask ourselves what exactly is different about Christmas compared to the rest of the year?

  1. It’s colder
  2. It’s darker
  3. There’s snow (Sometimes)
  4. We eat and drink way much more than we normally do

Out of those four point, which one do you think makes the biggest difference to your health and fitness? That’s right, it’s number 4! (If anyone said any of the others you need to take a long hard look at yourself).

Too Many Gains in all the Wrong Places

Now as discussed in the previous blog, eating and drinking too much is a part if Christmas that nobody should miss out on (There’s more to life than dumbbells and protein shakes) so consuming more calories than normal is inevitable and something we should just accept.

And because of this to minimise excess fat gain the best way to combat this would be to simply increase your activity levels during your workouts by either doing more cardio, more reps/sets or incorporating supersets to keep your heart rate up and get more into your workouts without making them super lengthy.kb_lights


Yup, just a short one today because it really is that simple. You eat more calories (Or put more energy into your body) so to combat this you therefore have to do more activity (Or use more energy)!

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