Christmas and Keeping in Shape

Ahh the festive season is finally upon us. The hype, the Coca-Cola advert, the decorations that have been up in the shops since September, it all adds up to the most wonderful time of the year. But with Christmas comes parties, parties, more parties, indulgent foods, excess drink and for a lot of people a few extra pounds gained around the mid section.

But does Christmas mean that there is no alternative but to put on weight? Or if we want to stay in shape then we have to completely avoid all the fun bits of the holidays?

Let’s discuss.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Being a regular gym goer for several years, I have noticed a common trend when the nights get darker, the temperature gets colder and December comes around – gyms become ghost towns. And it’s not even on the weekend, it’s all the time. And this is probably one of the worst things you can do over the Christmas period if you want to stay as in shape as possible.santa 1.jpg

To Party or Not to Party, that is the Question

At the end of the day, it’s Christmas and there’s a lot of fun things going on. Should you sacrifice enjoying yourself during the holidays for the sake of the gym? In my opinion – No!

Life is for living and what’s the point in having a great body if you can’t cut loose and celebrate Christmas with your friends, family and colleagues. But does that mean we’re doomed to put on loads of weight? Not necessarily.o-CHRISTMAS-WEIGHT-facebook.jpg

Top Tips

  1. Do NOT neglect your training during the Christmas period. Yes you’re going to be consuming a lot more calories than you normally would so why on earth would you stop exercising if that is the case?! Train hard and the damage will be reduced massively.
  2. Eat sensibly most of the time. At the parties/events themselves, go crazy and enjoy yourself, otherwise what’s the point in it all really. When you’re not gorging on cocktail sausages and Prosecco, eat healthily.
  3. Don’t feel bad about overindulging. Don’t be a scrooge.
  4. Have fun. Enjoy the next few weeks as there’s a lot of laughs to be had, stories to be told and mulled wine to be consumed!


Merry Christmas Everybody!

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