What Happens When Girls Lift Weights

Women and weights have never been a good mixture according to the mainstream media and non-gym going population.

The preconception has always been that if a female so much as looks at a weight their shoulders will grow to the size of cannon balls and will have biceps the size of Bournemouth (And yes, that was a Blackadder reference there) and this has resulted in many women steering well away from heavy things and instead opting to become cardio bunnies.

Well as a Personal Trainer who currently trains women with many different goals between them, I am here to tell you the truth once and for all.

The Truth

I want to be very clear on this. Girls, lifting weights WILL NOT MAKE YOU BULKY, MANLY AND HORRIBLE. Yes there I said it.

Females have about 1-2% the amount of testosterone (The main hormone required for muscle growth) that men do and that means that training hard while lifting weights actually gives them a nice, shapely feminine look rather than a big mass monster like we are led to believe.

Some girl from the office told you that she got bulky from lifting weights then lost it all? She’s lying. She just got a bit fatter then lost it all when she realised. If it’s so easy for women to build massive muscles then how come a lot of men have a hard time of doing it?

*Glass shatters*


The transformation of YouTube Fitness Star Nikki Blackletter – And guess what, she lifts weights. A lot!

Cardio vs Weights

If you’re a women and love doing cardio then knock yourself out, but the point I’m trying to make is that you would be much better off spreading your time between cardio and weights if you want to improve your overall body composition and look.

Case Study

Take my client Clare for example. We have been training together for just 3 weeks and already she is loving her weight training which is something she has never done before and seeing the results! Her squat has increased from a very shaky few reps with just a bar to a strong and powerful 30kg and just yesterday she managed to rep 50kg on deadlift!

Great work Clare!


So there you have it, the truth on what happens when girls lift weights. So get off the treadmill and get your ass to the squat rack!

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